6 Inch Hanging Light Up Stick Candles Decoration


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We recommend waiting until after All Hallows Eve to oil the hinges on your front door, so there remains a fabulous crrreeeeaaaak when you greet your trick-or-treaters with your well-lit yet sinister smile, before you let these beautiful Hanging Light-Up Stick Candles grace the sight of your visitors. Draw back your cape slowly to reveal your ashen face; the eerie light cast from this classic prop will surely send shivers down their spines as you pull back your lips to reveal two well-sharpened fangs ready to be thrust the necks of your next victims. Eeeek! The red-tipped candles are just the tip, on top of a more yellow light and a light-to-dark-red gradient base. Heck, set the dinner table and light it with these and you may just find yourself reliving the moment throughout the year, getting a scream out of your kiddos when they are least expecting it!What good is Halloween if your guests don’t feel at least a little frightened? You can add a ghastly look to your home with these candles to ensure you’ve done your part in keeping the scare-fest alive.