50s Cutie Wig


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You know the best way to win a greaser’s heart? You look so cute that they’re willing to change their heart just for you! You know you’re already a pretty stand up gal who doesn’t mess around with that kind but sometimes you look into that leader of the pack’s sad blue eyes, and think to yourself, “maybe he’s just a little too lonely.” Before long that beautiful blonde hair of yours is whipping through the wind on the back of his motorcycle or hot rod without a car in the world. After a while you knew it really was love at first sight, and you never look in the rear-view mirror again! Sound like worth taking a nice little joyride back in time? Taking a trip back to the 50s means you’re going to want to have a vintage hair-do. This Cutie Wig totally fits the bill. Match it with any retro outfit and you’ll be the most popular girl in town!