50s Car Hop Costume for Girls


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You know what sounds really difficult about being a car hop? No, it’s not cooking the perfect griddled onions, although we’re VERY picky about that… No, what sounds really hard about being a car hop is rollerskating while holding a tray of food. Have you ever held an old-fashioned milkshake? Those things are surprisingly heavy! Any kid who decides to make their career carhopping is a genuine hero in our books.There are little things that help make it easier, though. It’s best to try and stay agile, learning to rollerskate is a must, and learning how to be sassy with that fun 50s lingo is also a good idea. But what we think really helps transform someone from regular old waitress into a car hop is certainly the costume. Just look at this girls 50s Car Hop costume! It screams vintage, and that’s exactly what you want. Nostalgia for when food took a little longer, and always arrived via rollerskate. We love it!This high quality costume for kids has a lot of fun 50s details that really evoke a sense of that era. Did we mention that it’s high quality? It really is! It can definitely be worn more than once, which is good because most car hops work more than one day a year. This costume has fun pinstriping, a wide contrasting collar, an apron, and even a matching hat! Just add a pair of saddle shoes and she’ll be ready to roll!