47″ Sword Toy Weapon


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Are you tired of having to slay imaginary orcs with your Little League bat? Sick of pretending that your yardstick is the legendary Excalibur? Embarrassed that you’re the only one in your LARPing group who has to use a pool noodle as a stand in a sword made of Valerian Steele? How embarrassing! It’s enough to make any self-respecting Dungeons-and-Dragons-playing, Lord-of-the-Rings-reading, Game-of-Thrones-watching battle enthusiast want to hang up his embrodiered velvet cloak in resignation.Time to rest easy, friend, because your long nightmare of make-believe is finally over! With this 47″ Sword, you don’t have to use sub-par props in your important dragon-slaying business. With it’s highly realistic look, you can easily step into a new realm of imaginary quests, all while earning the respect of both yourself and others! Feel the weight of it in the palm of your hand…test it with a smooth slice through the air…and then ask others to kindly step aside as you challenge that jerk Donovan to a duel! That guy was always ragging on you about your costume…and now that you have this sword, the time has come to avenge your honor and cut him down to size! Excalibur! (Right? That’s what you say, when you’re about to do something really cool with a sword? It’s been a while since we’ve been able to hang at Medieval Times with our D&D crew, so we’ve kind of forgot some stuff).