20s Style Black Dance Cane


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When you think of old vaudeville routines, there’s almost definitely a cane involved, right? Some guy in a sharp tuxedo taps his way across the stage, swinging his cane jauntily, or a lady in a sequined dress shimmies as she throws her cane from gloved hand to gloved hand. No respectable performer would be caught onstage without a cane. That’d be like a ballerina going onstage without her tutu, or a hair band starting their set without fabulous hairdos—preposterous!Whether you’re putting together an actual Broadway act or just donning the persona for a costume party, your vaudeville costume won’t be complete without this 20s Style Black Dance Cane. (Honestly, you don’t have to be dressing up like someone from the 1920s—the cane is versatile enough that it will go with pretty much any decade!) The lightweight 32-inch cane has a black plastic shaft, white top knob and white bottom end cap. With this cane in your hand, you’ll be well prepared for any spontaneous dance-offs, which happen far more often than people realize. But you’ve realized it. And now you’re prepared.