20″ Gladiator Shield W/ 29″ Sword Prop Set


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“Are you not entertained?!”Of course you are! Who isn’t thrilled by an aggressive showing of grisly hand to hand combat? Steel yourself against your opponents, gladiator. Victory could bring you freedom! And what better path to victory than using this sword and shield? These are no ordinary weapons. No, this sword they will put on display as the sword you used to cut down Cragulus the Cranky (Not a real gladiator. We just made that up), the sword you used to control the mob of Rome. And your shield is your faithful protector, always. With these two weapons, you stand poised to deliver swift justice to those who dare face you, whether it be some unskilled criminals or the emperor himself. Remember your training, fight for your family, and entertain the mob watching you in the heart of the Coliseum. Just make sure to wait for the thumbs up or down before you finish off your opponents, if you can restrain yourself.