2 foot Wretched Reaper Fog 2 Foot Accessory


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The Secret to HauntingPsst. Come here. Yeah, you! We want to let you in on a little Halloween secret. We hear you’re in a neighborhood competition for the best haunted house, and we don’t really know why, but we’re feeling generous. We want to share with you the one decor element that takes first place for spookiness, each and every time. Are you listening? Good! Ok, it’s…FOG. That’s right, fog! Adding fog to your haunted abode takes your decorations up a notch, and tells everyone in your neighborhood — including the judges — that you mean business. And this Wretched Reaper Fog Accessory is a really cool and unique option to help you fog up your haunted house this Halloween. Trust us on this one. With this horrid creature by your side, second place is not even an option!Design & DetailsThis creeper measures approximately 2 feet tall and is attached to a motor that can turn its head from side to side. Eek! But beyond the details of this haunted figure’s stringy gray hair, lifeless complexion, and clawing hands, this little reaper shoots fog out of its mouth for the added effect that is bound to win you the title this year.