1950s Drive-in DIY Kit


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Drive-in 101If you’re about to hang out in a 50’s diner, you’re gonna need to know a bit of slang. Back in the day, the local diner was the place for youths to hang out for hours and get a little rowdy. With all the hubbub, the cool and collected waitresses came up with their very own slang to tell the cooks in back what to make next. Being cool cats, the waitresses kept on morphing the slang through the years and ended up with a brand new culinary vocab. For instance, rye toast became whiskey down. A first lady is spare ribs. And if a waitress hollered for the cook to make a Rueben but 86 the sauerkraut, the resulting sandwich would look pretty similar to a simple roast beef melt! Think you’ve got a little lingo down? Well then, you’re ready for the costume!Design & DetailsWhether you’re hanging out at the diner or heading to a sock hop, this accessory kit will give you a touch of 50’s style pronto! This Made By Us kit features a classic polka dot scarf, perfect for tying around your neck, a pair of cat eyeglasses, and music note ankle socks. Pair them with a range of fifties looks from slacks, pencil, and poodle skirts and you’ll be ready for fifties-style fun!