1920s Star Costume


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You are such a card! You already spend your days walking into trees and then tipping your hat to them. Now, you can put your rare acting, dancing, and comedic talents to use by transforming yourself into a real 1920’s silent movie star. Ok, so you are not quite ready for the modern times of the talkies, but we’re actually pretty glad about that! We think silent film is making a major comeback. Honestly, the world has enough noise, don’t you think? Give us some classic music and some lighthearted silent comedy and we’re set. We’re guessing you feel the same. You know the merits of a strong physical stage presence and good classic humor and therefore, we think this 1920’s Star Costume will give you a real rush–enough to make you feel like a kid again.It’s a good thing that slamming face first into a tree has a pretty long comedic shelf life. It’s almost as timeless as the long tailcoat, high gray pants, and–of course–pink carnation accent of this iconic costume. All you’ll need to add is the black bowler hat (and to start growing your perfect stache, now). Don’t believe us? Hey, we’re no dictator; stick this costume on and try to make a coupla’ dinner rolls dance. You’ll know instantly if you’ve found your comedic match.