18 Inch Tinsel Pumpkin Halloween Wreath


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Halloween HarmoniesOur favorite part of this time of the season is the magical holiday songs that come to our hearts. It’s great to gather up with your friends and family and travel door to door, delivering the macabre melodies that lift up their spirits… from the graveyards, of course, where they can join in the fun. So, flip through your spooky songbook and find your favorite. Will it be Deck the Hells? How about Scary Claws is Coming to Town? Naturally, our favorite is Silent Night. (You know, the one about how still and quiet it got while folks were hoping to spot the ghosts and goblins sneaking around the evening?) Product DetailsNo matter which kind of holiday song you have in your heart, we know that you’ll love to decorate for the fun with this Tinsel Pumpkin Halloween Wreath. This is an 18-inch diameter door wreath made of black and orange tinsel. A bright orange pumpkin face is set in the center which has an easy backing to help you hang it on your walls or door. Haunting Holidays!A wreath on the door is a classic invitation to those around you. Hang this Pumpkin Halloween Wreath up to let your neighbors know that you can’t wait to celebrate the fun this year.