18 Inch Green Foam Light Up Glow Stick


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Get that green glowReady for some green glow? Alright! We’ve got just the thing you need with this Green Foam Light Up 18″ Glow Stick. When you fully enhance your costume with a little green glow, you’re sure to be adding that extra wow factor that may help you win a costume contest. Think about the possibilities, after all! You could be an extraterrestrial alien. Or a monster straight out of Frankenstein’s laboratory. Or even a superhero who wears green spandex! Any and all of those are going to look a whole lot better with a bit of green glow. Conveniently provided by this Green Foam Glow Stick, of course!Battery-operated and recommended for ages 3 and up, this Light Up 18″ Glow Stick will make any of our costumes look more powerful than ever with its green glow. Suitable for kids and adults alike, this simple accessory is great for costume parties and for every trick-or-treating monster, alien, and mystic that may be wandering the neighborhood on Halloween night. Be sure to shop all of our Halloween essentials to make sure the holiday is extra great. We’re fully stocked on treat bags and everything else you may need!