16″ Winged Skeleton Decoration


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Winged PotentialDo you see this thing? We’ve been trying desperately to determine what it could be. Perhaps it was a miniature vampire? What do you think? Maybe it was a fairy. Or was Mothman not as big as the legend says? What’s that? A winged genie, huh? Maybe! Do you think a Seraph would be this short? After all this time, we’re pretty sure there’s just no way to know. But isn’t that the fun of it all?You could set up a sideshow for any “never seen before winged—insert creature name here—thing you want! Whether for Halloween or your casual collection of oddities, this Winged Skeleton Decoration is a must-have addition!Product DetailsSet up your own fascinating display with this intriguing skeleton taking center stage! Designed to look like a human skeleton with wings growing from its shoulder blades, this unique piece is a must-have for any Halloween decorating. While familiar in shape, this figure only stands 16 inches tall, so you’re sure to enjoy creating a story to explain this odd character’s look. Let your new winged friend roost alone or build an entire flock of mysterious figures when you welcome a few into the nest!