12 pc Roaches Set – Halloween Decor


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Leave Those Bugs Alone!Stop! We know what you’re thinking and you don’t have to do it! We know you want to freak your party guests out, but you don’t have to release a swarm of live cockroaches into your home to give it that extra creep factor. Cockroaches are impossible to get rid of and they’re kind of gross. Instead of getting real ones to add that buggy vibe to your Halloween party, just use these toy ones! They’re much safer than real bugs, they don’t try to steal your food when you’re not looking, and you won’t have to call the exterminator when you’re done with them!Product DetailsThese things are… well, only one word really comes to mind when we look at them. Ewwww. The Halloween Roaches Set comes with 12 individual toy bugs, each one molded to look like a creepy little insect. You can place them around your home, use them to freak out your spouse or hide them in your sibling’s backpack for some real fun.Prankster’s DelightIf your home is in need of more fake bugs or if you just want to use them for some practical jokes, these simple toy insects are an easy choice!