12 pc Bat Set – Halloween Decorations


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Scary CuteWhy do people think bats are scary? A lot of people have this opinion about bats, but we just can’t get on board with that. We think that they’re kind of cute. They’re furry, sort of like a tiny mouse and mice are cute. They fly, just like a bird. Plenty of birds are cute. But for some reason, that’s a combination that makes people’s skin crawl! Maybe it’s their oddly-shaped noses or the way they screech as they’re swooping through the air. Or maybe it’s because they only seem to come out in the middle of the night. Well, whether you think bats are cute or scary, we can all agree that nothing signals the coming of Halloween quite like some bat-themed decorations and this Halloween Bat Set will help decorate your home with the furry little flying fellas!Product DetailsThis set comes with 12 individual bats. They’re molded into the shape of tiny bats! You can hang them around your home, place them outside, or use them to make your vampire costume complete. Be sure to check out all of our Halloween decor options to help get your home ready for the scary season this year!