1″ Suspenders Wonder Woman Stars and Stripes


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Strapping and StunningStrapping is usually a descriptor for a young man who can be pictured throwing hay down from a loft or something tough and picturesque like that. But we think Wonder Woman is pretty darn strapping too. Just think about her for a second. she’s powerful, she’s robust, and she’s not afraid to show it. What’s better than showing that you’re as strapping as this superheroine than adding these stars and stripes suspenders to your ensemble? You’ll feel a little more tough than usual but hey, you’re also pretty stunning too!Product DetailsThese suspenders are a great way to add a little more Wonder Woman to your outfit. In blue, red, and gold, these suspenders are adjustable and can clip onto your waistband to make sure you’re comfortable. Where’s Your Wonder Wear?Do you have all the Wonder Woman wear you could ask for? With Wonder Woman accessories you can easily put together your own version of a Wonder Woman costume. Pair these suspenders with a pleated red skirt, a Wonder Woman t-shirt, and Wonder Woman tights or leggings and you’re sure to love your look. Because we think this strong heroine deserves a part of your everyday wardrobe!